Factory JOBY

Hand Sanitizer Factory

We have modern factories with international standards, automated production workshops and professional laboratories. Our huge production capacity can meet the needs of global market. At present, our hand sanitizer has been exported to more than 150 countries. They all have third-party test reports and international certificates. The product can effectively kill of harmful germs. You can customize hand sanitizers of various fragrances and specifications according to your needs.

Wipes Factory

We have 2 factories with an area of more than 10,000 square meters and a few fully automatic production workshops. Our huge production capacity can meet the needs of the global market. We control the production of each bag of wipes with high standards, and the raw material ratio is strictly based on data. We can produce wipes of various specifications. At the same time, you can customize wipes of various fragrances and added hand protection ingredients according to your needs. This product can effectively kill of harmful germs, and has third-party test reports and international certificates.

Washing Powder Factory

We have two washing powder factory in Henan Province and Guizhou Province for the stable cooperation,we can satisfy different requirement you want,different sizes (30g, 125g, 200g,500g, 1kg, 3kg, 6kg, 25kg) different fragrances (lemon,jasmine,floral and so on),different speckles added in you want (even we can accept the OEM brand,packing.Just you need,we can do!)

Soap Factory

We can provide different soaps according to your different requirements. Beauty soap, laundry soap, toilet soap and so on. different size, different modules, different fragances, different packing we all can do for you.

Detergent Liquid Factory

Detergent liquid product is one of our main export products.Our factory uses the domestic advanced equipment to produce. Each process has professional person to control.


Aerosols Factory

We can provide the aerosols with different products you want, such as insecticide spray, air freshener, cleaning cleaner like carpet cleaner, glass cleaner, all propose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and so on.

Diaper Factory

We are the top diaper manufacturer in China, and our products are hot selling overseas. In addition to our own brands Bububear Baby Diaper, Mamaloves Baby Diaper, Bububear Diaper Pants and Allcare Adult Diaper, we have mature OEM&ODM services, which can provide you with customized products of your brand, including packaging design, etc. Welcome to inquire.

Sanitary Napkin Factory

We can provide different kinds of sanitary napkin you want. Whether it is size, design or material, we will try our best to meet your needs.

Tissue Factory

We can provide different kinds of paper, napkin paper, toilet paper, roll paper and other household papers you want.